Friday, October 24, 2008

Depth Perception, Problem Solving II

The left brain thinker will look at the problem and focus on verbal, logical and analytical type of thinking. They are very linear and place things in sequential order. This process tends to focus on a solution to a problem from one point of view, and that is the logical point of view.

The right brain thinker will look at the problem much differently. Their brain functions in a non-verbal, nonlinear, non-sequential manner and tends to be more visual, perceptual and intuitive. Their right brain can see the whole picture and determine the spatial relationships of all the possible solutions as they relate to the whole. In other words, this allows for multiple views of the problem.

The left brain thinker will work in a sequential manner looking for the right answer. While the right brain thinker will be more concerned with quickly looking for multiple answers and later determine which is best.

When it comes right down to it, to create depth perception in problem solving, whole-brain thinking is required. This allows each hemisphere of the brain to bring different points-of-view to the solution. Again, right brain thinking is also required to determine the best possible solution.

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