Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let's work together

The beauty of right brain thinking is when you are exposed to something, you don’t have to make sense of it right away. The right brain is just excited to be exposed to it and absorb the information without judgment. The Left brain has a desire to understand everything about that information before it is filed into the left hemisphere.

By the left brain’s desire to understand the information, there becomes some level of judgment assigned before the information is filed a way. This limits the ability to recall the information without byes’ to apply to different problems.

The right brain will file the information away just the way you were exposed to it. Later the right brain will retrieve the information to solve multiple problems. This allows you to utilize information stored in the right brain to view a problem from many different angles. The possibilities become enormous. All the ideas may not be good, but at least you have choices.

This is where the left brain comes in handy. The left brain will analyze the different solutions to help determine the best possible answer.

The biggest and best solutions are a result of the left and right brains working as a team. Each providing their expertise. When the right brain thinking is suppressed, then the left brain is left to it’s own devices and tries to rationalize it’s way to the only answer it knows. The right brain will push the concept to explore new and better possibilities.

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