Friday, October 24, 2008

Depth Perception Problem Solving

To view a problem from only one perspective gives you a limited perspective of a solution. If you add depth perception to your problem solving skills, you will find your solutions will be much easier to grasp. That means you need to view the problem from different angels.

Try this experiment
1. Close both eyes
2. Have another person set a cup (non-breakable) within your reach
3. Now open only one eye. (keep the other close)
4. Reach for the cup. You have to feel your way around before you can find the cup
5. Now, close both eyes again
6. Have the cup place again within reach. (not in the same place)
7. Open both eyes
8. Reach for the cup. You now know exactly where the cup is to grab it

This experiment is much like problem solving. When the solution is only viewed from one perspective, you’re not really sure if you have the best possible solution. But if you look at the problem from multiple points of view, it is much easier to understand where the best possible solution resides.

When you solve a problem, don’t just take the facts and work your way to a solution. Challenge yourself and add multiple points of view to make sure you have the best possible solution.

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