Friday, October 3, 2008

Suppressed Creativity

Today if you were given a choice to be intellectually brilliant or creatively brilliant which would you chose? My guess is you would choose to be intellectually brilliant. The reason being is you have been taught your whole life that the more left brain intelligent you are the better you will do in school and in the working world. This belief suppresses our ability to absorb information and view the problem from different points of view. Creative solutions become suppressed.

From an early age we were told that we must find the one correct answer. Many of us learned to file information away (in our left side of our brain) so we can later retrieve that information with predictable results. That process limits our ability to reach beyond what we know; it limits our ability to except new ideas. We must allow our students and peers to experience using the right side of our brains. I’m not saying that math, sciences, and languages are not important, they are very important. What I am trying to point out is, tapping into the right side of our brain allows us to be comfortable with reaching beyond our expectations, reaching beyond that one right answer to achieve new and interesting ideas.

The left brain thinker is able to see a vertical process in their solutions. While the right brain thinker will view the problem from many different angles. It is this combination of thinking that deliver great ideas.

How impressive would it be for a company to team up left brain thinkers with a right brain thinkers? Just imagine the brilliant solutions they could come up. The right brain thinker would push the ideas to new and exciting possible solutions. The left brain person would keep the project on strategy and help develop the new concept to completion.

To make this possible, Right Brain thinking needs to be accepted as important as left brain thinking. If that were the case, I think many of us would enjoy being creatively brilliant.

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